2014 – The Present

Thank You

We would not be in the position that we find ourselves today without the generosity of Suz’s parents – John and Barb Kalleske.  They happily lent us their tractors and machinery in our ‘early’ days, passed on their knowledge and gave us timely advice and plenty of encouragement.  So many thanks to you!

Finally I would like to thank my parents for their support over the years.  Dad passed away some time ago but loved his wine.  I constantly find myself thinking about what he would have to say about our wines.   I’m sure he would have been as proud as punch!
To Mum – Judy Wittwer and her husband Rolf, they have given us amazing support in this project, and even though they live 350km way from us they share our enthusiasm.

So to all our family and friends thanks for your support and let’s drink to a bright future!